UNIVERSITY PARENT-YOUR PARENT RESOURCE I asked Daphne Schupp (founder of Higher education Parent) being a guest article author and populate us throughout on the great things about her Father or mother Guides coming from various institutions that you can perspective online and get a hold of. Her web page is jam-packed with valuable information for parents. To this terminate, we have produced publications and online guides more than 100 schools offering detailed informative data on everything from accommodations when visiting your personal student, for a helpful directory of frequently requested phone numbers. The university presents us utilizing school precise information, including: academic diary, campus routes, articles about campus options, managing financial resources, student lifetime and advise for parents. To obtain this information, much more, http://www.universityparent.com/online-guides and choose your student’s school. There are links to the left sidebar to the topics stated previously. If you don’t see your student’s college listed, you should email me in sarah@universityparent. com , and even I’ll work towards signing them up! If you’d like to download any PDF of your print guideline, please visit: http://www.universityparent.com/downloads . We all also develop a visitor guideline with the help of any nearby convention and even visitors institution and the slot provided of trade. Our intention is to help parents quickly navigate their whole student’s unique community. When you’re planning a trip to your student’s campus, or would like to send some sort of birthday gift idea, check out the tutorial on the right sidebar. You can book hotels right through our site! I will be working on building a community of college parents as a result of...

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