3 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE TO HELP TOGETHER WITH COLLEGE PREP  The modern day’s guest posting is by GoSchoolWise, a new website delivering free applications to help through college preparation. Is this the school a good fit for this child? Do we have a well-balanced college variety? How much can college cost you us? In the event these are typically the questions you may be asking yourself, there is always good news. A good computer labeled IBM Watson (the personal computer that beat humans for Jeopardy) is certainly helping reply these queries for thousands of parents this year at GoSchoolWise. com. GoSchoolWise. com includes 3 equipment that use classy algorithms to assist answer the main questions you used to be wondering. Authorities cheap writing service reviews all these applications are free regarding high school students and their parents. College Persona Fit Resource: The application has examined over nine hundred US organisations and founded personality traits connected with students from those educational institutions. Example: Most of the personality traits of Georgia Support students tend to be: Unselfish, Then go with the flow, Thoughtful, and so on Some behavior for students from Columbia University are: Self-governing, Change-Agent, Immediate etc . Typically the tool will analyze your son or daughter’s essay or perhaps Tweets to formulate her/his personality traits and identifies their attitude fit with each and every school on the schools list. In addition to grounds visits this kind of tool can provide you with that unique viewpoint how effectively your child may fit in in the particular college. Let us know if you happen to agree with typically the personality traits...

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